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Emma Dickson

Emma Dickson

Emma’s driving real estate into the 21st century with a fresh approach to online marketing, a strong grasp of the market and highly accommodating client service.


Following six years of administration and two years of administration at Harcourts Dunedin, Emma realised she could do what her colleagues were doing. She moved into consultancy and hasn’t looked back: she offers a unique and refreshing approach to real estate with perceptiveness, knowledge-sharing and high quality marketing at the cornerstones of her business.


Having joined Team Laughton, Emma brought a new dynamic to the high-performing team. Her online skills have enabled them to build a strong digital presence and her adeptness with the Harcourts systems, apps and technology has boosted the team’s efficiency — they can collectively focus on the thing that matters: getting results for their clients.


With a discerning eye for detail and an intuitive grasp of the market, Emma’s known for her high quality listing presentation and attention-grabbing advertising campaigns. Take her out of the office and she loves meeting her buyers and sellers, encountering their great properties and offering the exceptional service she prides herself on.


Born and bred in Dunedin, Emma’s a true local who loves everything about this city and is dedicated to helping people with their real estate goals. She’s excited about the property market and loves getting the opportunity to do what she enjoys every day.


So, when it comes to your next real estate transaction, let Emma’s passion, skills and service be the difference: choose Team Laughton.

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